Sardarji Full Movie Online

Published on June 27, 2015 by admin

Synopsis: Sardaar ji is a film that starts off with a bang, the hilarious comedy antics by Diljit and a unique story for Punjabi cinema, of Diljit being a ghost buster leaves one with a lot of hope. But soon the story loses steam, and turns into a clichéd love triangle. Also at many times the screenplay and story have big plot holes,and things just don’t make sense, but all is saved by Diljit Dosanj’s impeccable comic timing,and he brings the houses down with his comedy. Other then his performance nobody else gets much scope. What else works in the films favor is that Sardaar ji is a clean family entertainer, so success at the box office is very likely then.Overall the film breaks no new ground but its an enjoyable comic family entertainer.

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