Mr X Movie Full Movie Online Watch Hindi Full Length Film (2015), Emraan Hashmi

Published on April 24, 2015 by admin

Crime, Mafia, Guns, Babes, Love Stories and some extra bit of coincidences are quite the ingredients for most Emraan Hashmi films. But not most films have been sci-fi thrillers either.

Mr. X is the first sci-fi  film by Emraan Hashmi and Vishesh Films. It has all the above elements, but lacks the major X factor required.
Raghu Rathod and Sia Verma are ATT agents who save the day (making them superheroes already) by risking their lives each time. Finally, Raghu proposes to Sia and they decide to get married.
Just a day prior to their wedding, they are called upon by the ATT chief to battle a terrorist attack intending to assassinate the Chief Ministers at a function later that day. While both Raghu and Sia get back to duty, this operation turns out to be a ploy to trap Raghu who ends up shooting the CM with his girlfriend on the snipper’s target. All of this being a part of the larger political ploy involving the son of the CM and the ATT Chief who’s eyeing a promotion.
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